Water is the most essential component of life. At T&B, we understand the complexities of the water cycle. Our experience includes all engineering aspects of water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and storm water management.

Drinking Water


As our population continues to grow, the demand for high quality water supply and distribution systems requires innovative design solutions that will accommodate the masses. T&B works side by side on a daily basis with the Kansas City Water Service Departments to meet the constant challenge of providing consistent water quality. This includes numerous water main extensions, water main replacements and the design of large transmission mains.

Municipal Wastewater


Wastewater collection, transportation and treatment, and the protection of public waterways have been the bed rock of public health since Roman times. We understand that a dependable and efficient wastewater system is what prevents public health problems. With planning and design experience in sanitary sewer, interceptor sewer, pump station, force mains and treatment plant design, T&B has extensive knowledge in creating solutions that accommodate client needs.

Stormwater Management


As municipalities grow and older combined sewer areas redevelop, the need for effective storm water management becomes a top priority. We understand that storm water collection and management systems require a distinct approach. In addition to planning, design, modeling, and managing the construction of quality storm water collection management systems, we utilize green infrastructure with a focus on sustainability to collect, filter, store, and infiltrate storm water runoff. The firm has also been deeply involved in design tasks and administration of the Overflow Control Program for Kansas City.