Middle Blue River Pilot

The Kansas City Missouri Water Services Department implemented a pilot project to determine the effectiveness of using green infrastructure to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) in a 100-acre watershed with urban, mixed-use residential and commercial neighborhoods. The City’s Long Term Control Plan indicated that approximately 300,000 gallons of storage would be required to meet CSO reduction goals. The project will evaluate the cost and effectiveness of combining Infiltration and Inflow (I&I) controls with “Green” storm water Best Management Practices (BMPs) compared to conventional “Grey” storm water management systems.

The pilot project utilized “Green Solutions” including rain gardens, bioswales, bioretention, sidewalk planters, porous concrete and permeable paver sidewalks, planted curb extensions and subsurface storage systems to retain and detain runoff prior to its entering the sewer collection system. 

Taliaferro & Browne provided topographic survey, civil engineering and landscape architecture design, and served as the “Green Team” leader to address landscape issues. T&B also led the design efforts along the commercial Troost Avenue corridor and residential areas west of Troost Avenue. Streetscape elements such as new curbs, sidewalks, and landscaping were also incorporated into the project.