Landscape architecture is a cornerstone of our practice. The natural environment shapes perspective on how we view the world we live in. We approach every project with the state of mind that GREEN MATTERS. Our landscape architectural experts are skilled in all aspects of landscape architecture, master planning and urban design. We provide solutions that merge client needs with natural habitat.

Green Infrastructure


Stringent budgets and regulatory requirements constantly require clients to find innovative strategies that limit storm water runoff. Green infrastructure can be a cost-effective and nature friendly storm water management strategy. From bio-swales, rain gardens and planter boxes to green roofs and rainwater harvesting; our land planners and engineers identify the best management practices that fit the overall site design, achieve regulatory requirements and provide aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Parks & Trails


Parks and trails are the heart of what defines the culture of a community. We enjoy designing open spaces that allow people to socialize and interact with their surroundings. Our landscape perspective involves planning and designing multi-use, ADA compliant recreational facilities that involve trails and quality open spaces.

Streetscape Design


The public realm of an urban landscape is a vital component of the quality of a community. Streetscape design plays a key role in shaping public opinions and creating a sense of place. T&B’s commitment to urban revitalization involves designing aesthetically pleasing streetscapes that improve livability, interpersonal interaction, economic development, and proper balance between vehicles and pedestrian needs.