Safety management is a key principle at Taliaferro & Browne and the highest priority in every facet of project development. At T&B, we believe that public safety is the root of all successful projects. Part of creating and maintaining a safe and sustainable environment is conducting regular inspections that ensure projects are properly and safely built from start to finish. Our inspectors and quality control/assurance officers proactively work towards ensuring that the construction documents provided by the design professional of record are properly implemented during the construction process.


Construction Inspection


The basis of construction inspection is ensuring that the materials and methods of construction are in conformance with the project requirements and are of quality.  Our resident project representatives (RPR) can perform full-time or part-time resident services for various types of construction projects.  Our RPRs are experienced with all of the responsibilities associated with construction including acting as primary liaison with contractor, observation of work, review and rejection of defective work, verify inspections and tests, maintain construction records, review construction documents, perform substantial and final completion inspections, and assist with project closeout.

Special Inspections


Our inspectors have the knowledge, resources and materials to make sure that projects comply with applicable building codes, adhere to federal, state and local regulations, and meet all permit requirements during construction. Our special inspection services include inspection of structural steel, concrete, wood fabrication, welding, and masonry. Our inspectors detect non-conformances early on and directly communicate with the engineer of record to efficiently resolve non-conformance items while maintaining project schedule. We work closely with contractors to make sure that projects move smoothly.

Infrastructure Inspections


Taliaferro & Browne offers infrastructure inspection services, including inspection and condition assessment of wastewater and storm water collection systems, wastewater treatment and pumping facilities, water treatment and pumping facilities, public sidewalks and roadways, and ADA compliance. Our inspectors are fully trained in OSHA field safety and confined space entry procedures. Our staff has the ability to assess the condition of infrastructure, assign appropriate corrective actions, perform cost-benefit analyses, and develop construction cost estimates.