Why Choose Us


Engineering Excellence


T&B has been in the forefront of Kansas City’s recent redevelopment efforts. We have repeatedly been listed among Kansas City’s 25 largest engineering firms by the Kansas City Business Journal. We have also been honored as the Professional Service Firm of the Year (Minority Enterprise Development Association of Kansas City, MO), as Minority Professional Service Firm of the Year (State of Kansas), and have won awards for some of our notable projects including Beacon Hill. Our successes have allowed us to expand our engineering solutions, with an office in St. Louis, MO.


Maximize our Infrastructure Development Expertise


Clients appreciate our diverse expertise and attention to detail in the development of cost-effective solutions for commercial developments, public works, and Corps of Engineers projects. Additionally, we are well-known and respected for our expertise in designing roadways, bridges, sewers, waterlines, drainage structures, and other utilities as well as civil & structural design for barracks, school districts and transit projects.


Fostering Partnerships with Key Government Stakeholders


Having performed successfully time and time again for diverse government as well as industry and commercial clients, T&B understands the needs and concerns of major stakeholders involved in all aspects of public project development. We’ve “stepped up to the plate” repeatedly to work with the multi-level government agencies, private developers, and community/business leaders to foster consensus and leadership on myriad public and private projects.



On-Time On-Budget Track Record


We have an established reputation for being the “Can-Do” engineering firm. For example, on the site development for the Sprint Arena in Kansas City, T&B tackled the intricate web of site utilities for a four-city-block area of the downtown core. With the least possible disruption to surrounding businesses, T&B completed this intricate work on time and at a savings of $3,000,000.



Community Investment


T&B is closely aligned with the pulse of urban development renaissance. Management’s commitment to the urban core can be seen in its formation of the Beacon Hill Redevelopment LLC: a first-of-a-kind redevelopment and rehabilitation of the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Kansas City, focusing on providing owner-occupied, single-family housing. Additionally, T&B sponsors a number of youth programs, such as the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools’ Executive High School Internship Program, and has been instrumental in the FOCUS Kansas City Long-Range and Strategic Plan.


Commitment to Diversity


T&B is a 100 percent minority owned and operated firm. We’re proud to hire and train individuals that mirror the diverse St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan communities. Our professional team of men and women come from as nearby as down the street to as far away as South and Central America, East Africa, and Asia.